The religious consideration in the Quraanic example


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of worlds, prayer and peace be upon the most honorable creature Mohammed and his pure progeny.The holy Qur`an is the speech of Allah, it is full of the Islamic knowledge, it is the Muslim identity. This research care for the interpreters and rhetoricians studies who had dealt with Qur`an on its different aspects, one of which is the example in the holy Qur`an which they had studied on the interpretation and rhetoric levels, where example had interred legislation and doctrine, as the simplest means to communicate with human mind which could not comprehend the absolute and the summarized, so partial issues are revealed, when the example is understood the lesson is understood as well.The research is so wide that these few papers are not enough, it needs so many theses and researches or organizational efforts, yet the researcher attempts to study the doctrinal and moral aspects of example, dealing with the evidences that express the importance of the holy Qur`an example. The study importance lied on that the example in the holy Qur`an had not been studied in a separated scientific study. This research includes an introduction, a preface, three chapters, a conclusion and a bibliography.The preface consists of four topics; example in language, example in tradition, lesson in language and lesson in tradition.The first chapter deals with example importance in rhetoric and interpretation, for the individual and society, within two topics.In the second chapter the researcher deals with the example image relating the doctrinal and moral aspects within two aspects." Lesson in the doctrinal and moral examples" is the title of the third chapter which includes two topics.The most important results are mentioned in the conclusion.Our last prayer is praise be to Allah alone.