Imam Hussein Stylistic lamentations comparison between poem Alsharef Al-radi and issmaAlaryaly


Many of the Poets Paid attention to Imam Hosein Especially After the Karbala incident and made His martyrdom Issue their Poetry center, praising His virtues and Conscientious, Pooring him with Feeling Honest Emotions, and Committed Poetry began to carry Echoes of the incident, and Al-Sharif al – Radi and Ali ibn isa Al- erbeli are two Of these poets. On the other hand Stylistic Comparison is one of the Modern Critical Studies that shows Aesthetics of text, As the literature is Using the language More specifically and has Especial styles that Made it an Advanced Linguistically world has Beauty that enchants the reader, and Stylistic vision Cares about This beauty in The language. From this point it is intended to study the Two poems of Al-Sharif al – Radi and Ali ibn isa Al- erbeli to Show The difference and similarity Between them. Studying the issue, it became clear that the Lamentation and Grief and Disgust and Sorrow Effect in two Poet style and Appeared in Image level Especially in Simulations and Fantastic metaphors to show this great disaster, and in Semantic level they used Words that show sadness, and Popped up in Audio level in The repetition phenomenon Especially Al- Mad Letters. And It was found that Al-Sharif al – Radi was a Great poet and his poems became a complete example that poets after him follow him and Ali ibn isa Al- erbeli was one of them Especially in his Quotations and his Embeddings