The title strategy in Al-Jawahetriri poetry Mulukiat poems as a sample


Modern critical studies follows all written associations of the produced literary text, titles occupied a great deal of that following especially for the poetic texts that this recording action in the previous eras as the reader was occupied with the audiences and attendants neglecting this verbal preface( title) which was neglected even in the written poetic texts. Ancient criticism endeavored to full this gap by those who were interesting in collecting the poetic texts, the explainers of poetic collections and the texts' controllers. To go with the modern critical lesson, in adopting all the text linguistic sings to deduce the hidden contents of the text, this research studies the title strategy in Al-Jewahery poetry takingAl-Milookiyat poems as applied field to define the linguistic and semantic nature of the titles and the direct and suggestive images of them and defining the procedures that the poet had followed to put them as there are different procedures such as:- taking the dominating linguistic part in the poem, taking a linguistic with strong presence or by to be suggested by the poem occasion.