The concept of divine beauty and love in Aflotin moral philosophy


Aesthetic for Plotinus is represented by unity, special image and assortment; aesthetic in existents lies in their assortment and organizing, because life is an image and the image is an aesthetic. For Plotinus is connected with the first principle which is Goodness, from which all existents are issue, all the bright images are beautiful, Allah is the source of the artistic image and the Creator of aesthetic or beauty, His Almighty pours it to those artists who have an elevated spirit or soul. Aesthetic for Plotinus does not depend practically on symmetry and order as Aristotle had believed, rather it is the living spirit or the incorporeal divinity in objects, and it is the control of soul on body, sounds and rhythm. He also believed that goodness is the ends of aesthetic, it should be exist in the (First), issues directly to the mind, then to the soul. The final aim of every one is to get the highest degree of aesthetic, so goodness and aesthetic connected together, and both of them connected with the religious rituals, hence getting the religious purification is getting goodness and aesthetic.