The aesthetic geometry of semantic differences(study and analysis semantic differences simple)


The vocabulary subject which is near to each other in the case of semantic for a long time, it has been an extensive item among philologists and interpreters so a group of philologists believe in sequences in the words and others absolutely know it resolvable. Therefore, they refer to valid dictionaries to find the meaning of each word there. In this world each meaning has only one term. If there were two terms for one meaning, it could be futility. So, it is far from God’s doctrine that selects and uses several terms for one meaning in Holy Quran, therefore each word has been used in its suitable position in Quran.This subject related to the accuracy and beauty of selective terms in Quran, that we call this phenomenon lexical miracle or lexical engineering in selecting terms. Each word can perform its role to transfer the afflatus. In this study we would bring some samples of semantic differences in some synonymous words and we gathered this research on the base of valid dictionaries and interpreters ideas. So we conclude that God has arranged each word in the base of musical, semantic and the role of the terms. The people who believe in sequence in Holy Quran, they don’t any term to replace it, in fact we can’t find any synonymous in Holy Quran.