Objective vision book (Al-moazana) applied criticism test


Criticism has changed with changes in the different literary ages, and this change was in "Abbasid era" more evident than others,so in the criticism of this era, many bases criticism have been established,and created many of critics and flagships, and one of those critics was "Abolqasem Bashir bin Yahya al-Amadi" who became famousafter he wrote his famous book in the field of critics "Balance between the Ta'ayeen",in this book he balanced the poetry of Abu Tammam who described him as a literary artisan with a mysterious meanings in the poet, between the Al-Bahtari who known as a printed and the doctrine of the early religion.And Al-Amidi, after he wrote his book, became a point of sympathy in the history of Arab criticism, because he contradicted the approach of the ancients in their superficial criticism, Which is only based on the taste and the fungus, without the standards and clear criticisms of the media.Al-Amidi was placed at the beginning of his career,a clear approach and committed himself to follow this method,and in this approach he took upon himself idealistic objectivity which is a compromise between two poets, and did not consider one another, because he believes that the difference between doctrines and opinions.In this study we will examine the personality of the critic Amidi under the light of the applied approach in criticism,and we looking at his book "Important balance between the Ta'ayeen", to knowwhether or not is objective. In this study, Al-Amadithrough his book" Literary Budget " appeared to us authorized author in his criticism and his ability of know all information about a poetry and poets,and he tried to study and balance between two neutral budget poets without being involved in the dispute over these poets and their doctrines in poetry;However, we find that by mentioning the examples and the evidence, he was a clear tendency towards the Bahtari doctrine.