The Role of Imam Ali his contributions to the Arabic language and its sciences


Imam Ali(As) great efforts in the development of all fields of science in Arabic and the correction method according to Imam Ali(As) in all circumstances because once referring explicitly or rely on word of correction and varied selection of appropriate methods and extend the range to understand all backgrounds in Arabic, with a role in the discovery and interprelation of the words are rich in this area rose lingu is as have benefited as they have treated the difficulty and ambiguity lexical and it is no doubt that Imam Ali(As) talented perception themes and concepts of the Holy Quran and understanding its meanings and dimensions and Imam Ali(As) efforts after the Islamic conquest and ethnic mix of Arabs or other commor tone and language of the people in the correct language to corrupt the rules explained to his student Abu alasvad Aldovaly and before him no one wasinvolved in the science and history proved that Imam Ali(As) syntax 98 to create. And Imam(As) all means that the will be know in this field between Rhetoricians was ready and Imam Ali(As) in the order in which poetry and poetic verses and proverbs and the use of Arabic sermons and a check when we were active and Imam Ali(As) opinions cash that it still had time touse it asa bench mark criticisx . It implies awarenss and know leage of Imam Ai(As) in Science Review and also Imam Ali(As), the first speaker in theology and Arabic, he recorded with the principles and rules that had previously cited reason was and the strength and light weight refers to his understanding, and indeed he is the founder of Arabic language and eloquence and beauty of expression pearls of wisdom that resulted in his speech that surprised all intellectuals and Nahj'sermons, letters and sayings of Imam Ali(As) in their wisdom and gathered In Islamic literature and civilization in general and for the geat Islamic values and Islamic principles conidered