Taha Hussein &Ehssan Abbas socket on Nahj al-Balaghah


Nahj al-balāgha is an anthology of sayings and writings of Imam 'Ali (a) which have been compiled by al-Sayyid al-Radi. Nahj al-balāgha has been organized into three parts: sermons, letters and short sayings which are a collection of wise sayings stated at the peak of eloquence. Nevertheless many cast doubt on the authenticity of the chain of transmission, or Isnad, of this work and claim that it is not the work of Imam 'Ali (A.S) but it is really the work of the compiler. However, those familiar with al-Radhi’s writings can easily identify differences between his and Imam ‘Ali’s styles. Taha Hossein and Ihsan Abbas are among those who cast doubt on authenticity of Nahj al-balāgha. Thus, they made attempt to question its authorship. In this regard, this article deals with the shortcomings and suspicions raised by Taha Hussein and Ihsan Abbas, which are considered formal or verbal suspicions. And finally authors of this aricle seek to respond to these doubts by mentioning the scientific evidences and discussing it according to descriptive approach