New Vision for extra trailing characters


Grammarians divide prepositions to three sections: the original prepositions, prepositions like excess, excess prepositions. Then divide the original prepositions to the pure original; the characters that are all original, and the original that isn’t pure; the characters that are sometimes original and redundant at other times. The original motivation for this division is the Factor Theory that received from philosophy.The article asked several questions about the relationship between the meanings of prepositions and their work and also the acoustic sense changes. It mentioned some of the meanings of «Min», «Lam», «Ba» and «Kaf» then focused on the assertion; all prepositions won’t be, but excessive. At the excess of «Min» it concluded that considered redundant here is not true, as can be considered sexual in the first type, and not a statement of sex, like that of «Al» nationality, which is the second installation of the assertion of Commons and the inclusion, in the sentence, It can be considered sexual as well. The «Lam» is not redundant if it considered erector and not a preposition. The «Ba» is not redundant before: the subject, the object, the Debutante, and etc., but is to transform the verb of the sentence from being infringer to be not infringer that was before the subject or the object, and original before debutant, and emphatic by the rest conditions. «Kaf» shall not be redundant, since the meaning played by «Kaf» is the first meaning most traded her, a metaphor, in other words, «like». Worse that grammarians admit that these prepositions are for emphasis, but they insist on that they are redundant.Naming these prepositions redundant is far from the right label, and it is good to add what could be added to the examples of other meanings and set assertion in the sense of the rest.