The illusion and the Reality in Friedman's Short Story "Beautiful Scars


This paper probes the bad effects of being a model girl whose life gets entrapped between illusion and reality. The paper illuminates those bad effects (being an ideal woman, making real friends and lovers, and modeling career, behavior and style) of illusion respectively, depending on Friedman's short story "beautiful scars". These bad effects of illusion contrast with reality that Friedman shown through the faith in Jesus, real friendship, real love.Sheshowed the complete reality of human beingsviathe death of themain character "Jade". The paper presented the findings that the writer explainedby making the contrast between illusion of life and reality of death to focus on the problems of modeling life. Finally, Friedman approved that there is no everlasting beauty, no real friendship in the life of appearance, no real love in the life of temptations and modeling career is not a perfect one as being thought by young girls.