Drip Irrigation Scheduling System Using Sensor Network


The agriculture is vulnerable and sensitive to climate changes. These changes reduce the production while encouraging the growth of bush, which lead to water consumption extravagantly. In this paper, we proposed an automatic drip irrigation system based on calculating the required crop water and irrigation depth. The aim of the proposed system is to automatically compute irrigation scheduling of certain crop according to a crop type and climatological conditions. This system includes two parts: hardware and control center. The sensors send their real-time readings of the soil moisture and climatic information to the monitoring part of the system wirelessly and then save them in database server. The hardware part consists of a main unit represented by ARDUINO Uno and sensors of soil moisture and DHT11. The wireless communication link between the hardware and control center parts are covered using Bluetooth HC-06. In the control center, the database is built using SQL server 2015 and the related Graphical User Interface (GUI) frames is designed using Visual Studio C#. The proposed system has been presented in a prototype to represent the case study and the obtained results show a clear reduction of power and water consumption.