New Technique for Estimation of Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride by using UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


New, basic and quick method showing ultraviolet - visible spectroscopy was produced and approved for the estimation of ciprofloxacin in immaculate shape and in separate details. The occupants of business tablets planning did not meddle with the test. The satisfactory medication solvency finish and most extreme test affectability was found as potassium ciprofloxacin salt, the potassium ciprofloxacin salt show greatest absorbance at (335 nm) in absorbance spectrum, and the calibration curve was found to be linear in the stated concentration range of (2-10 g.mL-1) and (Y= 0.0784X + 0.0547) as line equation, (R2=0.9985) as Correlation Coefficient, (+0.054714) as Intercept, (0.078363) as Slope, (SEE=0.009558) as Standard Error of Estimate, (0.999999885) as Chi-Square(The goodness of fit between observed values and those expected theoretically), (RSD=0.019475788) as Relative Standard Deviation, and (R2 =0.99854471) as Multiple Correlation Coefficient.