Analytical study of economic accidents in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq For the period (2010-2016)


This study is an intellectual addition in the field of traffic accidents and their economic and social effects, which contributes to combating the phenomenon of traffic accidents in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq. The study concluded that traffic accidents cost social, psychological and economic losses directly and indirectly, and that these losses overlap and cause each other. Moreover, over-speed was the most effective cause of the increase in accidents in the Territory. The trend of the rate of risk to rise, after it was (2.30) in 2010 became (2.63) in 2016, an increase of (14.35%) for the year 2010 and a decrease of (-10.85%) from the previous year. In addition, there was a fluctuation in the accident severity index during the period of study. In 2016, it reached (0.068) an increase of (4.61%) compared to the previous year and a decrease of (23.6%) compared to 2010. The cost or loss of traffic accidents According to the increase in traffic accidents, in 2010 the losses were (21337500) dollars, and these losses (36352800) dollars in 2016, an increase of (70.4%). The total losses were US $ 22,272,300 during the study period.