The Role of New Technology in Inquiry Media Architecture


The late twentieth century saw clear sophisticated in information and multimedia technology, whichbecoming a bigger influential in daily human life and also in the built environment posed by the need andshape, so architecture Included all achievements that were produced by this technology, that’s currentresearch focus, Thus the emergence of the research problem of the "absence of a clear vision about thenature of the relationship formulated by the media as the media surfaces of architecture with the receiver".The goal of research Represent with trying to define what the media and media architecture clarify newrelationship with the receiver drafted by the type of sensory and behavioral impact through the formulationof the surfaces of architecture. To achieve the objective search mode method of literature review of previousdealt to define multimedia architecture such as offering in Search explains the meaning of a new type ofarchitecture witnessed by the architectural arena specific dimensions and goals, To move in the privatesegment to illustrate the specificity and tools design represented-media and smart materials responsiveinvented and achieved a new version of the architecture is different facads and its impact sensory behavioraltraditional and reach conclusions have been put through practical models (international, Arab and) wereaccomplished.