Use of IT Photographic and GIS in the Analysis of Complex Intersection of University of Baghdad


When planning to do a port or a new road or when determine the turning traffic movements for any road,we must know the traffic movement on the road to determine the distribution and direction of the turningtraffic, and we must know pedestrian traffic, parking and land uses adjacent because this will help toforecasting the magnitude of the changes in the movement of turning traffic in the future, which helps todetermine the priorities of sustainable development required. The increasing population and the preparationof private vehicles of the most important factors that have helped to increase traffic congestion and transportproblems and the growing proportion of traffic, causing accidents and pollution as well as large losses ofthe national economy. Pushing to put these problems to be addressed to search for the best possible meansto be diagnosed and treated as soon as what can be achieved through the use of modern technology as away analytical. It is no doubt that a GIS is one of the most important of these methods adopted in the worldin support of the decision and personalized sites imbalance through adoption in identifying problems oftraffic intersections and traffic streams through them and their sizes especially in the intersections of themain streets in large cities and neighboring land uses task scope regional service, such as universities andministries. It also we can take advantage of modern technology through the use of Photographic techniqueand application of computer programs in the survey and analysis of turning traffic for these nodes to easethe pressure on those whom in charge of research to get the data for the streams of traffic and employ thistechnique along the style of GIS in the analysis and treatment, and this would save a lot of time, cost andeffort with more accurate data. In addition, that is what this research will try to focus it through analyticalsitu study for the problem of the mother Baghdad university intersection in the city of Baghdad, with thetwo methods of modern technology.