Study of Cytogenetic Effects of Cimetidine Drug in White mice (Mus musculus)


This study aimed to detect the cytogenetic effects of Cimetidine drug, which used in the treatment of gastriculceration, reflux oesophagitis through the tests (mitotic index of Somatic cells in bone marrow and spleen,frequency of micronuclei, chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow cells and sperm head abnormalities.By choosing three doses (0.8,1.6 ,3.2)mg/kg B.W on lab. mice Mus musculus.The results showed that the drug made the following changes:1. Induced inhibition of cellular division in Somatic cells Bone marrow and Spleen.2. Increased in frequency of micronuclei.3. Increased significantly spontaneous frequency of chromosomal aberration in bone marrow.4. Has the ability to induce head sperm abnormalities as compared with controls.In conclusion, the Cimetidine has cytogenetic effects (mutagenic potential against carcinogens).