Manufacturing of Thermal and Acoustic Insulating from (White Cement and Hemp Short Fibers) by using Recycled Paper


Thermal and acoustic insulation samples were prepared from white Portland cement. The paste of recycled paper and water was suitable to form secondary roofs, walls, and use as a non-traditional construction materials. The paste made by (paper: water) with different weight ratios) 4:1( )2:1) )1:1). These samples were reinforced by hemp as a natural fibers with weight ratios (10% and 30%), both Physical, thermal, and acoustic insulation properties was studied for the insulation samples. There results reveal decreasing thermal conductivity and increasing acoustic insulation. When the paste (paper: water) at ratio (1:1). At last, the addition of Hemp fibers at ratio (30%) to insulation samples effect on some properties, Thermal conductivity decrease to (0.2W/Mk). While the acoustic insulation increase when the acoustic level decrease to (90dB), bending and diametrical strengths increase with this addition, Finally these composites materials have a combustion resistance, no emitted toxic gas led this material can be an eco-friendly materials.