The Poet of Nazek AL mlaaka in social literary criticism


Many contemporary poets have been interested in social issues, and this is especially evident in their poetry. These poets included Nazik Malikah, a contemporary Iraqi poet, and she made many achievements in the area of social criticism in general. Most of her poetry was based on the statement of alienation and nostalgia, political and social issues, emotional poetry, human and life, death and life, exploration of happiness, and ideals. In the field of social criticism, the poet addressed the issue of women's liberation and the concept of freedom and the relationship of literature to societies and other topics. They presented important books in these fields such as: love of night, shrapnel and ashes, tragedy of life and song of life, prayer and bull, issues of contemporary poetry I tried to illustrate the violent reality in Arab and Islamic society. The attempt in this article is the expression of social criticism in the poetry of Nazik al-Malakah, which has become clear about death, poverty, war and destruction, human and human, laments of the mother and cities, , Women, Unity and Peace Followed by: Naz criticism, poetry, Aharh.almroh,angels , social criticism , poetry, Aharh.almroh