Reception between Yaws and Izer


If the theory of reception theory tackles the way through which a reader receives a text differently according to the two trends of Yaws and Izer, the theory of interpretation tackles the way through which a reader interprets a text. So, the difference would not be that much, specially that reception pioneers do not conceal their interpretive references. All of what the do is to praise readers may be on the account of the text itself. The theory of reception has been established on the base of a set of concepts that try to answer the question that have been aroused by the theory in question. By integrating Yaws’s concepts to Izers’s ones one can conclude the following:The horizon of anticipation, the historicism of literature, text-blanks, infiniteness locations, implicit reader, aesthetic space, mobile viewpoint, the text’s reservoir, the socialism of literature, the logic of question and answer, etc…we will tackle all of the above-mentioned concepts. They are to be defined in terms of their coiners going towards the conclusion which claims that reception is not a new methodology in reading but an addition to the interpretive effort that started first when human being read texts and got involved in interpreting it.