China's maritime strategy and its impact on regional security


ABSTRACT : Each state seeks to protect itself and its national interests through a range of strategies adopted by. China , as a regional and international power, adopted a naval strategy for the defense of the proximal and distal seas to suit its location and its position in the international system to be great naval power; and now, it is the largest regional naval power in Asia after the United States to prevent neighbouring countries from thinking of approaching its national interests or even the threat to these interests ; therefore, China formed appropriate military naval power for this strategy to protect the energy transmission lines the which it relies on to continue its economic growth and dispose of the goods and products. So, This strategy had a great effect of the regional security by increasing military spending and arms race nautical especially countries that have vital interests in the south and east of China Sea and disputes of sovereignty over the islands, which each of them claims as subordinate to it especially states that compete with them on the regional leadership, which have a security treaty with the United States, which is worked on adopting a rebalancing strategy in Asia. So, each state of the regional neighbouring countries tries to respond to this strategy in its own way that preserves its national security.