Effect Buried Soil On Mechanical and Physical Properties of (UP) Composites Flexture strength


In this study Composite made of natural fibers (Jute ,Reed, Fronds palm) and unsaturated polyesterresin and another artificial (Glass fiber) is investigated in this study by means of soil burial for 4 months.The mechanical properties determine (tensile, Flexture strength ,Impact and Hardness) physical properties(water absorption and Biodegradability) before &after soil burial. Scanning electron microscope (SEM)analysis was conducted to visualize the effect of the quality of adhesion between the fibers and matrix. Thesoil burial investigation results revealed that natural fiber-polyester composites showed highest degradationpercentage as compared to polyester resin and fiberglass. As the amount of degradation in mechanicalproperties (tensile, Flexture strength , Impact and Hardness) for Unsaturated polyester reinforced with Jute(JC) is equal to (56%) , (34%) , (54%) and (10%), respectively, As for Unsaturated polyester reinforcedwith Glass fiber (G.C) accounted for (16%), (19%),( 25%), and (4.5%) respectively.