Selection of Best House Construction Materials for Roofs and Walls Regarding Cost, Weight, thermal Insulation and Mechanical Properties


Research includes the study of the effect of using different local and low cost construction materials in thecreation of traditional buildings and the effect of using these materials in terms of cost, loads over the soil,and the thermal insulation.The research plan on the construct of three rooms has (4 × 5) m dimensions and a 3 m height from differentmaterials. And adopt its findings on the reality of the buildings in Iraq. It has been concluding that the costsof stiroboor and thermiston slab were less than the cost of a rigid slab by 43.4% and 21.3% respectively.And the weight of stiroboor and thermiston slabs were less than weight of rigid slab by 33.8% and 6.6%,respectively, and the deflection of stiroboor and thermiston slabs were higher than sold slab by 20% and0.5% respectively.The thermal conductivity coefficient, and conductance of stiroboor and thermiston slab was less than therigid slab by 41% and 20.5% respectively, and that the thermal conductivity coefficient, and conductanceof brick and thermiston walls were less than the hollow concrete block walls by 25% and 66.7%,respectively. The thermal resistances of stiroboor and thermiston slab were higher than the sold slab by41% and 20.5%, and that the coefficient of thermal resistance of the brick and thermiston walls was higherthan hollow concrete block walls by 25% and 66.7%.The energy that needed for stiroboor slab and brick walls room during the day and night were lower by35.1% and 11.4%, respectively, and for thermiston room by 64% and 54.1%, respectively, compared to therigid slab and hollow concrete walls room.