Geographical intellectual production for Higher Studies in the College of Education- Al-Mustansiriyah University


This study dealt with the geographical intellectual production from Masters and doctoral theses in theCollege of Education -Al-Mustansiriyah University since the opening of the higher studies in the Department of Geography in the academic year 1992-1993 until the end of 2016. The objectives of the study were to detect the total number of doctoral and master's students, In addition to finding out the extent of the balance between the various geographical disciplines, in addition to the division of students by sex to males and females to know the numbers of each type, and tried to study the analysis of the results and the development of logical explanations; The total number of students was (119), of whom 48 were doctoral students and 71 were master students. For doctoral students, 21 students were specialized inPhysicalgeography and 27 in Human geography. And master students have specialty (19) students inPhysical geography and (52) students in human geography, and in terms of geographical specialties, the specialization (geography of cities) has received the highest frequency, where the specialization of (31) PhD and master students during the study period, thus achieving the highest percentage among the different disciplines of Geography (26.1%), while the specialization of geography (Tourism geography,Medical geography, And the methods of teaching geography) in recording the least frequency by one student each and by (0.8%) only, Finally the students were sorted by sex to males and females, for doctoral students, the number of males (35) and the number of females (13) The master's degree reached the number of males (44) and the number of females (27).