Criminal responsibility of parents for neglect and delinquency of children (study in light of Iraqi law)


The study included a study on the neglect and delinquency of some children due to neglect and negligence of parents. We decided to investigate the issue by determining the behavior of parents, which leads children to neglect and deviation and to conform with the legal texts that criminalize behavior. Is criminalized in the Criminal Code, leading children to deviate, and judicial rulings relating to the subject have been analyzed because they have a significant role in understanding the legal texts.The subject of the research was divided into a preliminary study that included the study of the concept of the child in Iraqi legislation to be a brief idea of the meaning of the child and its concept in Iraqi law in general. Which was deposited by the Creator Almighty to them as an honesty must be maintained, whether this behavior intentionally or unintentionally, and included the second section of the study sanctions and measures imposed on criminal behavior, which was discussed in the first section, The legal provisions that criminalize each behavior were identified, and the true meaning of the spirit of the legal text is analyzed by analyzing the judicial decisions issued against the parents when they neglect and shorten them towards the trust in their hands by following the analytical and interpretive approach to the provisions of the law. The conclusions of the study included the recommendations that we consider necessary to find solutions by the legislative authority to develop legal provisions that protect the child more than some behaviors that have not been criminalized or have not been drafted legal regulations for the management of institutions that protect children, Recommendations that call for the great attention and care of some government institutions for children.