The Right idea, Freedom and its Subdivisions


The Right idea, Freedom and its subdivisions The idea of right and freedom of the vital topics and renewable at one time if you become one of the most important issues at the international, regional and national levels and the growing attention recently by the international community as a whole. The controversy raged over whether human rights and freedoms are valid issue of a global nature, or that all societies have the status of privacy and relative standards differed distinguish between the two concepts and varied from one society to another. In spite of the difficulty of giving sententious definition of the concepts of right and freedom, but both concepts have become inseparable can’t separate one from the other, and has become such concepts integral part of the social and political culture and part of a political system based on the Constitution and legal state. Based on this research study it included the stand around the concepts of right and freedom of linguistic and terminological point and the position of the scholars and philosophers of law from both concepts, and to clarify the most important criteria that distinguish between the two divisions that drawer by scholars of constitutional law to the rights and freedoms as well as the position of Muslim Scholars from these divisions.