Spatial variation of the values of electrical conductivity in the soil of Qadisiyah Governorate


The research aims to detect discrepancies spatial and seasonal values of electrical conductivity in the soil of Qadisiyah province, and represented the limits of search spatial province of Qadisiyah, representing the central part of the easy spate within the Middle Euphrates region, as it extends the study area between latitudes (17ˉ, 31˚) and ( 42, ˉ32˚) to the north, and longitude (34ˉ, 44˚) and (49ˉ, 45˚) to the east. Find the collection and analysis of samples (164 were adopted) located at a depth of (0-30) (3060) cm and distributed among soil shoulders rivers and soil river basins and soil depressions and soil HorAldelmj and soil sand dunes and sandy soil areas and soil Western plateau winter and two seasons specimens collected during the month of January and the summer season, which samples collected during the month of July 2014.The research found that the electrical conductivity values in the soil of Qadisiyah province in general few to medium salinity according to the standard soil classification according to the degree of salinity depending on the electrical conductivity Decemenz / m to paste saturated soil, and that there are differing spatial and seasonal values as a result of the influence of a combination of factors the most important climate natural vegetation and agricultural malpractices by the farmers of adding a large chemical fertilizer to the soil and do not use the agricultural cycle amounts.