Effect of Water pressure in drip irrigation and potato cultivars ( Solanum tuberosum L.) in growth , yield and qulity under fall season conditions in Kirkuk Governovate


A study was conducted in researchs station and agriculture experimental returns to college of agriculture – Kirkuk university – Area Al-sayada for the autumn season during 8 / 9 / 2016 to 15 / 12 / 2016 .The study include the effectiveness of the pressure water irrigation by drip irrigation system with two levels (1bar) and (2bar) , on the vegetative growth and yield and qualitative qualities for three cultivars of potato (Arizona , Voler , Rivera ) class A whith additional evalution of drip irrigation system . the experience was designed according to complete block design (R.C.B.D) with split – split plot method was used s , and (L.S.D) used to test the differences between the means of treatments. On the other hand used T-Test method to conclude the differences between means of two pressure of irrigation system at P> 0.05 level. At evaluating the irrigation drip system which observed that (2bar) pressure had significantly superior over (1bar) pressure in (mean discharges measured , Wetting Area, Coefficient of Variation, and Absolute Emission uniformity) and they was obtained (4.132 L.h-1 , 28.67 cm2 , 0.06 L.h-1 , 91.7%) respectively comparison with (1bar) pressure wich was obtained (3.245L.h-1 , 22.23 cm2 , 0.11L.h-1 , 86.6%) respectively .And the treatment of (2bar) pressure was significantly superior to increase the number of tubers(5.26 tuber.Plant-1) , But the (1bar) pressure was significantly superior to increase the % dry matter (16.40%) and % starch (10.76%). Arizona cultivar significantly superior than both of Volare and Riviera which it gave height of plant (66.96 cm. plant-1), dry weight of shoots (55.45 gm. Plant-1), number of tuber (6.2 tuber.Plant-1),and tuber weight (108.99 gm), while Riviera cultivar gave a high average of dry matter (16.70%),and % starch (10.83%).