Effect of some pedogenic factors in soil chemical composition of some areas within nineveh governorate


Soil samples were taken from five locations and two depth (0 – 30 cm), (30 – 60 cm) those areas within Nineveh Governorate including from Al-hadher south of Mosul city to Faidah north of Mosul City, those areas where the different in environmental conditions. The aim of the study is to identify the disparity in the quantities of elements ( Ca , Mg , Na , K , Fe Mn , Zn , Cu , Ni , Co , Si , Mo) . The elements concentration were different between locations and depth. The results showed that most elements were higher in first depth (0 – 30 cm) compared with second depth (30 – 60 cm) except the behavior of (Cu , Ni , Co) which were not exactly similar of other elements. Content of chemical elements in studies locations were its content was ascendant from Al-hadher area in the south to the area of Faidah in the north. Also, study the effect of rainfall rate on the quantity of chemical elements studied using regression equations, the results showed clear decreasing for (Ca and Mo) with the rainfall and the effect ratio (68.5% and 40%) for the Ca and Mo respectively, content of (K , Fe , Mn , Si , Zn , Cu , Ni) were highest with rainfall and effect ratio (74.8% , 74% , 59.4% , 72% , 91.1% , 59.9% , 82.7%) respectively, While the elements of (Mg , Na , Co) showed no effect with the rainfall. Mathematical models were also developed to predict the values of the elements based on the average rainfall and for all locations studies.