Mechanisms of Interpretation in Razi Pride and Tabatabaic Significance


The research throws light on the explanative machineries for the two explainers, Al-FaKher Al-Razy and Scholar Al-Tabataba'i,to show the main similarity and difference points between them. Both had adopted the same machineries, yet they have different methods of treatment according to their rise, education, periodand doctrine. The scientific connecting had the great effect on the two explainers analyses, it appeared clearly on Al-FaKher Al-Razy; sometimes, in terms of exhibiting the opinions upon certain verse, he tended to the analysis that is revealed by the scientific connecting so he preferred it. Proverb, or example, represented the intensive part of semantic, Al-FaKher Al-Razy believed that explaining the meaning by example is better than neglecting it. The two explainers adopted one principle in the unequivocal words and the equivocal words issue which is referring the equivocal to the unequivocal to define it. Both of the two explainers,in their analyses, had depended greatly on the revealing reasons thatAl-FaKher Al-Razy had adopted all the reasons that had been said upon one verse.