The relationship between the Iraqi Academy of Sciences and the Union of Arabic Language Synagogues


We can conclude that the aim the Union of language academies and scientific Arab who threw him since it was founded is to unite the Arab scientific term for the elimination of the multiplicity of the term of the consideration the scientific one of confusion and chaos, and seeks Union for this unification, and the subsequent promotion of Arab scientific renaissance, in which Arab scientists collaborate in a variety of their own countries.Union was unable, due to circumstances beyond his will, to rise his mission in an optimal manner, and must redouble efforts to eliminate all obstacles that stand in the way of the Union in order to strengthens the performance of the Nat its tasks.Could be restricted to targets which they were established Arab language academies are as follows:-enrich the Arabic language by making them keep pace with the requirements of the times-unification of scientific terms and words of civilization-encourage the translation and localization to increase the wealth of the Arabic language and the development of expressive energies-Put dictionaries facing the needs of the times.- facilitate the rules of Arabic language teaching both in terms as exchange rates or of writing.- Heritage Revival and achieve mothers of the old Arabic books in various fields.