The City of Aklish Andalusia 93-543h / 711-1148m


City Ucles in the gap East is located to the north-east part of region Centbrah , Muslims have opened in the year 93 AH / 711 AD, and settled region many Berber tribes most famous family built a Nun of barbarism Hawara who have assumed leadership which for a long time until the fall of Toledo the year 478 AH / 1085 AD their political influence has been ended .It had been reconstruction and fortify by Alfatih bin a Nun at the beginning of the fourth century AH / tenth century, and continued as a city fortress and play an important role in the face of Christians until the final fall of the year 543 AH / 1148 AD.The research first historical geography of the city Ucles to geographical location and nature of the impact on historical events that it was passed by, and then we dealt with the political history starting from the opening until the fall, and we finished research contributions of people in various fields of science ..