Intensification and suggestion in the narrative poem according to Sheikh Jaafar


The condensation characteristic important underlying very short story is different from cryptography and puzzles that may be used by the narrator to give the text of which condensation is required, Valtktev inspiring is what should beg him storyteller, a keen text, is Altkitv and suggest convergence between the story and poetry point, as the most prominent features Hair known and its properties is condensation and suggestion, and here she met story with hair, was of the narrative poem by by Sheikh Jaafar properties is distinguished by condensation inspiring and reduction which opens behind horizons Tag deep, it unfolds text to the recipient of the first reading but needs to reader cultured, and to readings multiple poetic texts.Who read by Sheikh Jaafar see the trend of short stories in his poetry is very clear but deliberately to the intensification and reduced Fbataat poem narrative assembly between hair characteristics of the intensification and intimation of deep significance and the short story that share with hair these characteristics as well as to say, dialogue and event properties