Expansion or expansion of mediation and the example


Although the linguistic lexicon of "expansion" or "widening" is clear, it is the antithesis of narrowness. Old critics have used these words with different meanings in different contexts, but these connotations have not found the contemporary scholars enough attention. They mentioned the previous phrases without bothering to explain their meanings or follow their horizons. Others mentioned succinct terms containing general provisions that were closer to the personal impression. This study tries to approximate the two words in a way that follows the resources mentioned in two well-known heritage books: "Al Wasata" by Judge Ali bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jarjani (d. 392 AH) and "Al Mathal Al Saer" by Ibn Al Atheer (d.637 AH). The study thus seeks to distance itself from the general impressionistic judgments. The two words are read in context in two books known to be repeated for their use in terms of differences that the researchers differed in their definition. They had various opinions in which the study discussed and then reached its own opinion, which is connected With the data of modern stylistic studies