Visualization in logic, grammar and eloquence


This researchincluded the achievement of the meaning and definition of Imagination and Ratification in Logic, Syntax and Rhetoric. Imagination and Ratification are two Logic terms. The former refers to the presence of a thing without any judgment and the letter means the presence of the thing with judgment. There is no specific term in syntax and rhetoric in this field since these two are related to knowledge branches and there is no place in syntax and rhetoric for knowledge and its branches. So if Syntax or Rhetoric scholars apply them, they wholly convey their logic meaning. And the research ended by these following results:1.The application of the two terms Syntax and Ratification in the sixth Hijri century by Sakaki after the separation of sciences and arts of each other, and generality of the Dialectical Tendency on the Miftah AL Oloum, and the dominance of mental and logical outlook on it.2. Any Ratification is followed by an Imagination.3. (Naam) is the basic letters of acceptance and Ratification, as it used with Declarative and Interrogative sentences, Positive and Negative sentences, so it means ratification of what is before it, whether it is Positive and Negative sentences in Declarative or Interrogative sentence, but according to AL Mobarred, (Naam) is used for each Positive statement but (Bala) for Negative sentences . 4. Ratification frequently occurred in Verb phrases, while is less in Noun phrases, because the Negativity and Positivity is related to the meanings and events, which are the concepts of the verbs and not the nouns.