Formal Properties and Geomorphological Depths of the Shakak Valley, Eastern Province of Maysan Governorate, Iraq


The study examined the most important geological characteristics and the geomorphological evidence of the Shakak Valley, one of the seasonal valleys of the eastern region of Misan, which is located near the Iraqi-Iranian border and is in the north-east-south-west direction of (99,485) km 2 with an area of 53,949 km. The most important natural factors (geological structure, surface, climate, water resources) were studied in the formation of morphological properties, as well as the most important geomorphological processes that prevailed during the Pleistocene era, The composition of these morphological characteristics (rotation, elongation, length and width ratio, form factor, spawning coefficient) and the main sump basin (4) secondary basins was 0.423. This is a reference to the pelvis approaching the circular shape. The elongation ratio was 0.672, The ratio of length to width was 2.217, and it also indicated that the basin diverged from the rectangular shape and was close to the vertical shape, while the value of the form factor was 1.313. This is a reference to the distancing of the basin from the triangle shape. The value of 0.308 This refers to the state of integration and harmony between the area and the ocean.