Hot and Humid Waves in Basrah station


This research heat waves wetlands in Basra station, where he embodied the goals of this study is to detect duplicates temporal of these waves and the amount of contrast between the summer months and years of schooling, and to achieve that were approved daily data relative humidity and temperatures as prerequisites for the occurrence waves high relative humidity rate Monthly by 7 degrees or more, along with a greater degree heat or equal to the monthly average with the continuation of this case, the requirement for two consecutive days at a minimum, and the results were presented to indicate the Basra terminal by generating study (1992-2013) for (21) wave came recurrence rate (5) waves for the month (June) and (7) waves for the month (July) and (9) waves for the month (August), and the annual recurrence came fluctuate from one year to another, where the station occurrence saw (4) waves in (2010 ), and (3) waves in each of the years (2000, 2001), and two waves in each of the past (1998, 1999.2006), and only one wave in each of the past (1993, 1996.1997, 2005.2007), while other years there have been no occurrence of waves at this station, it has addressed this research also moist heat wave experienced by the Basra terminal on (5-10) in August than a year (2001) for the purpose of detection systems piezoelectricity responsible for the occurrence of this wave has been analyzing weather maps piezoelectricity levels of (1000, 850,500) millibars of balances (12) GMT and that was Asthsalha from the website (