The positive role of the judge in the judicial period (Mstal)


ABSTRACT :Judicial deadline is the case on which the judge to intervene in the contract amendment, and we find most of the legislation has organized the idea of term, and that concerns us is the role given by some of these legal texts to the judge in this area and of its role in modifying the agreed term of the contract or grant what is known as a departure from the principle of authority will, which dominates the Streptococcus relations as long as the legislator recognizes the authority of the will within the limits of the law and public order and morality, what is taking place upon the will of the parties for to them as a duty to respect the law and the implementation of, and not any of the contractors may be unique to overturn the contract or amended but it permissible for them to contractors or agreement for a reason prescribed by law and therefore an exception to the binding force of the contract, the legislature passed the judge a positive role in the judicial deadline to grant an amendment to the contract.