Legal Analysis of United Nations Security Council Resolutions (1946-2017)


ABSTRACT :This research included the analysis of the UN Security Council Resolutions (1946- 2017) in terms of the contents and the international target and its legal force in order to demonstrate the commitment of the UN Security Council in issuing these resolutions to the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international law, The international legal persons and the nature of the topics and conflicts targeted by those resolutions, And to demonstrate the extent to which the Council is committed to the standards of law and justice that should apply to all persons of international law and conflicts that the international community has faced in the cold war and beyond and into the beginning of the third millennium, The results of the study confirmed that the Security Council was not careful in its commitment to the Charter of the United Nations, international law, norms of law and justice in the issuance of resolutions, the adaptation of facts and the resolution of conflicts and the centers of international persons targeted in those resolutions.