The availability of Quality Requirements in the Educational Organaizational A case study in the Foundation of Technical Education


Led the changes that have swept the whole world to influence the Dynamic of the organization , which will be paid to the need to search for the principles and concepts keep pace with these changes in a positive spirit was the quality of those concepts and trends they reflect attention to the customer as it takes into account the changes and seek to compete as much as it conjures up complicated cases uncertainty so demonstrated the importance of the availability requirements of vision and realism of the curve strategically and that's been the subject of research and investigation by a number of studies under the directions of differentiated and placements different application , prompting the researchers to conduct their studies current within the scope of the educational organization / Iraq was launched problem of the study of questionable effect. Is available with the educational system of the study sample indicator of quality requirements and in a manner which makes it into the top of the front of the competitors ? The study adopted the current resolution as a key tool to collect data on this phenomenon through paragraphs expressing the requirements of the availability of quality have included the current study sample deliberate department heads and aides deans and deans formations concerned has researchers used a number of statistical tools ( frequencies , percentages , standard derivation, analysis cluster ) . The study found , among other conclusions , most notably the presence of the availability of satisfactory quality requirements for those in the organization as well as the study made a number of recommendation .