The Differentiation between hand and Electronic Techniques within Ethical's Framework and the Negative Consequences A sample study of employees in Administrative Departments/Mosul


Electronics represents a vital drive in the field of human reactions in a way that makes it in the front and a great challenge that faces many organizations. This motivated the leaders of those organizations to employ it in a way that ensure the synergy making a degree of communication, but the latter might be within a framework that makes it without friendliness that the features of friendliness (point of contact) becomes absent and that led to the emergence of a state of electronic comparison between the electronics and the manual techniques. All this motivated the researcher to study this subject through a question which is characterized by: How can we recruit electronics in favor of the work in a way that overwhelms the ethics and in a way in which its role crystallizes through the human-supporting services without going through any disadvantages?Questionnaire forms were used as a main tool for collecting the data of the phenomenon in question. A random sample was chosen which consists of ( 25 ) teaching staff members. The researcher also used several statistical methods such as (iterations, percentage and the standard deviation). The study reached several conclusions, most important of which are: There are variant trends in terms of working by means of using the electronic idea taking into consideration employing the manual techniques. And the study was concluded with a set of recommendations.