The relationship between the authorities in the monarchy and republican regimes in Iraq


the study investigate the relationship of authorities sstarting from the formation of Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani interim government on 25 / October / 1925 and the issuance of the Iraqi basic law in 1925. In the Republican government after the revolution of July 14, 1958 it has put the interim constitution which did not abide by the feuding leaders (Abdel-KarimKassem and Abdul Salam Aref) and thus began the Second Republic, which came after the receipt of Abdul Salam Aref of power and the formation of a national council to lead the revolution, but he did not last long in government, Abdel Salam Aref declared on October 18, 1963 the news of the change of government in order to implement the principles of the revolution of July 14, 1958 announcing the establishment of the third Republic, and then passed the Constitution of April 22, 1964, but after seven days have been canceled this constitution to be replaced by a new constitution in the April 29, 1964 and was named the interim constitution.