Abu al-Huda al-Sayadi 1849-1909 in historical thought Modern Arabic


This person was one of the affective personalities in his period. His effectiveness was on the Ottoman & Arabic Countries, also Kurds they had their own opinion, so that we choose it for our research. He was one of the top advisors for Sultan Abdul Hameed Second. But after the collapse in year 1908 was treated badly. He had so many writings and most of parts goes back to that, he was considered himself as one of grandsons of Prophet Muhammed (P). There are different opinions and discussions about the personality of the person in his lifetime and after his death, the value of support to value-neutral and criticism. In general the research divided in two parts:First part talks about this person’s Biography through historical views. Second part talks about the historical views on personality for Abu-Huda Al-Sayadi, in this part we talk about his lived part of his life in the Levant. Then a trip to Istanbul and the change that happened on his personality, and has been mentioned period Altsov and its impact on his life in the time of the Ottoman Empire and its effective role in the life of Abu Mahdi Sayadi, as especially Altsov famous Rifai, as well as the Sultan Abdul Hamid was one of the supporters of Altsov.