The analysis of Climate Elements for Arbil and Al-Anbar Provinces: A Comparative Study from 1981-2010.


The present study tries to analyze the climate elements for place and time in Al-Ramadi and Qaim stations in Al-Anbar province at Plateau Western from Iraq, by showing the monthly and yearly disparity of the Climate. In addition to that the rain and humidity which they increase in winter season only and absent in summer. The Researcher recommends planting and growing the trees that made the temperature decrease and reduce blowing wind at the province of Anbar because the difference of the soil quality and its formations apart from the factors affected the Classes Limestone as the earth declines and the lack of the natural plant. This is reflected in the soil of Arbil province which relies heavily on the Agriculture because of the high Quantity of rain, and the grasslands which attract the shepherds, As a result, the study is recommended a further economic programs layouts projects .