Evaluation of social textbook for the fifth grade in the light of the quality standardsh


The research aims to evaluate the social Book of the fifth primary safat in the light of quality standards The researcher used the descriptive curriculum, the researcher prepared a list of the quality criteria of the social book for the fifth grade and the list was built in the light of a sample survey reached (50) personnel of the laboratory material Social and specialized in quality and specialized in the curriculum of the Ministry of Education as well as the review of researches and literature related to the evaluation and analysis of textbooks, the number of standards presented to (12) of the arbitrators and the competence of the curriculum and methods of teaching, measurement and evaluation and the application of the tool On the social book for the fourth grade elementary according to the list of criteria analysis and re-analysis of a researcher after two (30) days to measure stability over time and then the researcher and the first analyst and I urge him and the second analyst and the first analyst and the second I used the Cooper equation to calculate the agreement and appeared coefficient Overall stability (0.84), and then apply the tool to achieve the objective of the search results showed: the lack of quality standards in the six areas is highly available. The criteria are only partially available