Degree of possession of Teachers of Geography in the preparatory stage for Competencies Education online from their point point of view


The research aimed at probing the Competencies that teachers of Geography in preparatory School have in E-learning by Internet and from Teacher’s view point. Taking in to account the aims of the research, the research was restricted to Teachers of Geography in preparatory school for the years (2016/2017) . The research sample consisted of (86) Teachers ( males 45, females 41) who teaches in governmental school of Directorate of Education of Dhi- Qar , department of Al-Rifai.To achieve the research goals, The researcher adopted a questionnaire including (50) competences distributed on (5) fields (computer use, internet use e-learning Education, e-learning administration and e-learning evaluation). The results demonstrated that the degree that Geography teachers reached in e-learning competences by using the internet was assessed as median with average of (3.46). The weighed average for the research fields ranged from (3.02) to (4.4). Competences of using computer came first with highly estimated degree. Competences of e- learning came last with median estimated degree. In the light of the results, I would like to introduce the following recommendations and suggestions; 1.Training session should be held for Geograph teachers in e-learning in general and e-learning by the internet in specific, specially in the field of e-learning evaluation.2.Programs for preparing Geography teachers in university should be included in e-learning by internet competences.3.Studies and researches should be conducted on e-learning by internet competences on other samples of different teachers in different environments and on different e-learning competences.