The impact of the strategy of creativity seriously in the acquisition of historical concepts among the students of the first grade average


This research aims to identify the impact of innovation hard strategy to acquire historical perceptions of the average first-grade students.There is no statistically significant differences at the level (0.05) between the average scores of the experimental group students to acquire a historical concepts studying material history of ancient civilizations, and the average score of the control group students who are studying the same material using the traditional method.Search Tool: For the purpose of achieving the goal of a promising research tool for the researcher to measure, a test to gain historical concepts for students (sample) consisting of (paragraph 60) has been verified sincerity and persistence.research results: By processing the data results showed statistically higher than the experimental group to the control group to test the acquisition of historical concepts, the research sample adult (64) students distributed a training group (32) and adult control group (32 students). In light of the search results researcher recommends to pay attention to the use of modern teaching strategies Keywords: serious creativity strategy