Conflict of role of the employee


The combination of job and marriage is a heavy burden on men and women, and these multiple roles can be a cause of stress and suffering in men and women, the stress of personal relationships with others, how this affects the end of the day, the father's interaction with family members, At the end of the day that is full of demands and workload, to the behavioral and emotional withdrawal in their interaction with their children, so that their conflict with their children and their spouses increases after exposure to work to create stress resulting from their interaction with others.The current research was aimed at identifying:1-measuring the conflicts of the roles employees.2-To identify the significance of the statistical differences according to the gender variable (male – female). The current research was determined by the staff working in the Iraqi ministries and related departments in Baghdad governorate for the year 2015-2016. To achieve the research objectives, the researcher built the scale of the conflicts of the bilateral roles of (30) paragraphs, and then the scale was applied to the sample of the research (100) ) Was employed in four ministries, where the discriminatory force of the scales was extracted and it became apparent that there were two non-distinguishing paragraphs (8, 16). Stability has been derived by means of a half-split method using the Pearson correlation coefficient. Thus, the number of paragraphs on the scale of conflicts of bilateral roles has reached its (28) final form.The research reached several results, including:1-The conflicts of the roles of the binary members of the sample research is higher than the average satisfactory. 2- There are significant differences in the conflicts of the binary roles of the research sample according to gender variable and in favor of males.Based on these results, the researcher came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions.