Social communication and its relation to psychological adjustment Educational counselors


The current search was aimed at identifying:- 1. Social communication and its dimensions by pedagogic mentors. 2. The significance of statistical differences in social communication and its. dimensions to pedagogic mentors and to the gender variant (male-female).3. Psychological adaptation of pedagogic counselors.4. The significance of the statistical differences in the psychological adjustment of the pedagogic mentors according to the gender variant (male-female). 5. The relationship between social communication, its dimensions and gender, and knowledge of the extent to which social communication and gender dimensions contribute to psychological adjustment. 6. The current research is determined by the pedagogic mentors in the schools. of the Baghdad Governorate education directorates, and has adopted the. curriculum descriptive of relational relations, the two scales(social communication and psychological adjustment) have been applied to the research sample that chosen in the random stratified Way , composed of 300 mentors (both gender) chosen from the original research community composed of (1225) male mentor.The following conclusions have been reached: The pedagogic mentors have good social communication with all its dimensions verbal and non-verbal deportation at a level of (0.05) and to the freedom degree (299).