Evaluation Of Referral CT Scan For Rhinosinusitis


Objective:- The aim of this study is analysis of CT scan referral for rhinosinusitis in Tikrit teaching hospital.
Patients and methods:- fifty eight patient were included in this study, who they referred for CT scan of the nose and paranasal sinuses. The main complaint of the patients was headache. Two patient were excluded from this study because they had malignancy of the nose and paranasal sinuses.
Results:- out of 56 patients there were 22 male and 34 female. The age ranged from 6-65 year. Sixteen patient(28.5%) had normal CT scan.
Conclusion:- There was indiscriminate referral to CT scan for rhinosinusitis and it was considered wrongly as first diagnostic tool for rhinosinusitis.

Key Words: Ct Scan, Rhinosinusitis