Causes of Hemifacial Pain: A Descriptive Study in Al-Ramadi General Hospital


Objectives: The primary objective of our study was to describe the causes of hemifacial pain . Our secondary objective was to determine the frequency of chronic rhinosinusitis in patients presented with hemifacial pain.
Patients and Methods: Two hundred thirty six patients with hemifacial pain were included in the study. A careful history with thorough clinical examination and an appropriate investigations was done on all patients to reach the final diagnosis of there complaints.
Results: The highest(33.9%) age group affected were 21-30year. No statistical significant ( P value > 0.05) regarding the sex and the side involved in our patients. The most common cause was the chronic rhinosinusitis 82(35.7%), while the second most common cause was TMJ disorders(21.3%). All our patients with migraine (6.3%), comes with left sided facial pain.. Six patient have malignancies, three of them have sinonasal carcinoma and three have nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Conclusion: Hemifacial pain is a common complaint and it’s a challenge to reach the diagnosis of the cause behind it. The commonest cause in our study was nasal and paranasal sinuses problems 110(46.6%),then 68(28.8%) patients with dental and TMJ(Temporomandibular joint) disorders, 52 patients(22%) with miscellaneous causes, and lastly, 6 patients(2.5%) with opthalmological causes. In this study, 6 patients with malignancies is the cause hemifacial pain.

Key words: Hemifacial pain, Iraq.